Health Checks

Treat your data seriously. Achieve high performance, security, availability and compliance.

A poorly performing

environment can have a significant negative effect on your business.
Whether you are experiencing:

Contact JoraPh Managed Services for a thorough, non-invasive,


There is no need to take unnecessary risks with your corporate data. Our experienced consultants know where to look, what to check for. They also know about ensuring data availability, which enables business continuity and ultimately improved service level performance.

Check components

The database health check enables you to

The Health Check encapsulates the deep experience of our own health check solution, which performs up to 300 individual checks and applies these to performance data retrieved from your systems.This automates the problem analysis and provides rapid recommendations for remedial action, along with eliminating performance issues.

In just two days, your issues are identified and your plan of action is in place. Once the system is running well, the Health Check should be considered as an optional quarterly exercise to maintain maximum performance levels and to ensure continued security, availability and compliance.

Database health checks can be carried out as an “ad hoc” service, but are an integral part of our managed service solution, ensuring your database performs at peak efficiency, ensuring your database’s stability, whilst identifying potential issues and eliminating bottlenecks.

Case Study

Because of cutbacks, the Local Authority had seen a reduction in its Oracle & SQL Server DBA staff to one person, whilst at the same time increasing the number of databases within their infrastructure by 50%, and at the same time needing to increase the hours of proactive support to their users. JoraPh was asked to propose a service that could provide first line support, back-up to the lone DBA, out of hours service delivery model and, above all, reduce the overall cost to the Authority.

The Solution

JoraPh now provides an enhanced service over and above what the Authority was able to do internally, which includes:
- Taking the initial lead with all Oracle and SQL Server database related problems
- Working as part of the Authority and being fully customer facing in terms of support, advice and work requests
- Providing immediate response to database downtime
- Providing both on-site and remote support using secure VPN
- Set-up, automation and management of all DBA functions running on a daily basis ensuring human intervention is kept to a minimum and eliminating changes and errors
- Implementation of a comprehensive change control procedure
- Provision of monthly statistics to show efficiency and performance of all the relevant Oracle and SQL Server databases
- Responsibility for all backup processes and procedures
- Provision of a full and thorough proactive support service
- Coaching and knowledge transfer for the existing DBA
- Answering queries via telephone, email, etc
- Provision and implementation of all database upgrades


The Local Authority has seen a massive reduction by over 40% year on year in the cost of managing and supporting its Oracle and SQL Server databases and database users.

“Since engaging with JoraPh, we have been able to reduce costs in DBA services whilst, at the same time, increasing the levels of support to our users.

We would have no hesitation in recommending JoraPh Managed Services to other local authorities for a similar service.” Local Authority IT Director