Database Support

JoraPh is a leading provider of

and Microsoft
technology expertise, helping to make data available, quickly and securely.

Drawing from a concentration of deep Oracle technology skills, JoraPh employs best practises to deliver business critical projects on time and within budget.

JoraPh Managed Services provides Oracle and SQL Server database Support across the following areas:

JoraPh Managed Services provides

by a “Proactive
Monitoring” service.


monitoring software (DBwatch), JoraPh monitors
functions and performance via “triggers” set by DBwatch within the

Through a secure VPN connection, JoraPh automates and manages all DBA functions run on a daily basis, in order that human intervention is kept to a minimum, thus eliminating changes and errors.

JoraPh monitor all backups of Oracle

s via RMAN (assuming RMAN is configured and working), and logs these as successful.

JoraPh monitors all

backups and logs these as successful on a daily / weekly basis.

Should errors be reported by DBwatch, Joraph will either (A) act upon the requirements and will action the necessary remedial fix, or (B) report the error to the Customer’s “help desk” or “service desk”, in order that it can be logged within that customer’s internal support process. This is dependent upon the customer’s internal support procedures.