Cloud Computing

To simplify,  It’s a style of computing based on shared resources delivered to users in a self-service, metered manner using web technologies.

There are five essential characteristics of the

that are as follows:-

There are three basic cloud deployment models:

There are three basic cloud service models:

Oracle Cloud Services

The Oracle Cloud Platform lets enterprises manage their cloud-based workloads in the same way they do their on-premises workloads, and many existing on-premises applications can be quickly migrated to the Oracle Cloud Platform without changes to the applications themselves.

In the Oracle Cloud, organizations can get all the benefits of the cloud with the same control, isolation, security, and predictable
performance as their on-premises data centres.

Oracle Cloud IaaS services on the Oracle Cloud include:
Compute: A provisioned capacity enables applications to run and scale on the Oracle Cloud Platform with predictable, consistent performance and total instance isolation
(if required).
Storage: Secure and scalable cloud-based storage solutions ideal for storing and accessing data from any environment connected to the Internet.
Network: Any on-premises data centre can be connected to the Oracle Cloud Platform with Oracle Cloud Networking Services, allowing organizations to
have a private, secure, high-bandwidth, dedicated link between their on-premises data centre and the Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud Licencing?

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